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"I just wanted to express my thanks for the work that Gary & Glen did.  I really appreciate their immediate response to my leaking hot water tank.  Within a few hours they had a new tank installed, and they hauled off the defective one and dealt with the warranty issue.  Also, thanks to the very polite gal who answered the phone when I called.  I am sure I was a bit testy when I called, as I was mopping up water in the basement.  Thanks Again!" - Tara N

"Dear Blanchard Oil,  We are now in a warm, comfortable house thanks to the wonderful and caring staff of Blanchard Oil Co.  The house has had cold spots and not enough heat since we moved in.  The new heater has solved all of the problems with the heat and we cannot be thankful enough.  We were treated with respect and the guys at Blanchard Oil were terrific in their effort to provide us with great service and caring direction on the purchase of the new heating unit. All work was completed in a professional manner with only our comfort and convenience in mind.  We will continue to use Blanchard Oil and we can only recommend that others consider your excellent service.  - Ellen B

"Thank you for the prompt response to our request for oil burner service on New Year's Eve.  The service provided was courteous and obviously efficient as the burner ran well throughout this past severe cold weather.  One of the key things that make living in the Kingdom easier is the trust in your company to keep our homes heated through these long winters.  Thanks for being there when we needed help." - Jude H.

"It is with great pleasure that I write today to advise you of the many positive experiences I have had with members of your company.  I can say that I shopped around before choosing to have Blanchard Oil do our recent installation, and I am very happy with my decision... I have been treated with a courtesy and respect that puts other companies to shame...  Keep up the great work!" - Joanne M.

“I just wanted to call and let you know about how kind one of your drivers was to me today.  I’m not a customer of Blanchard Oil, but I very well may be next year.  I had just picked up my wife from the hospital when our car broke down alongside the road.  Before I had a chance to figure out what I was going to do, a Blanchard Oil truck pulled up and the driver got out and asked if we needed any help.  Your driver stayed with us until a police officer came by to help us out.  Your driver didn’t have to stop to help us, but he did and was very polite and respectful to an elderly couple.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer fella.  Sometimes I wonder about this world we live in, but today your driver helped to restore my faith in people.  I just thought you should know…”  -Howard W., Derby

"This letter is in reference to the recent work Blanchard Oil Company did on our water system upgrade.  The work was done in a professional, and cost effective manner, and the work sites were always left very clean.  Blanchard Oil Company continues to provide our village with safe, reliable service, and will for many years to come.  We feel lucky to have such a professional group just a telephone call away."  - Albany Village Trustees

"Recently we undertook the task to upgrade our entire plumbing and heating needs for our nearly 100 year old home.  The house had not been lived in for some time so extensive renovations were required.  The entire staff at Blanchard's couldn't have been more helpful.  We received a proposed plan with estimates and a time line for completion.  Work began immediately and has fulfilled our highest expectations.  Each employee from Blanchard's that we met or who worked at our home were professional, knowledgeable and courteous.  Again our many thanks." - Woodman & Anne P.

"Thank you for the wonderful service you give & the fair price! We appreciate both." - Gail and Jon V.
"Thank you to the folks at Blanchard Oil for being a big help to us this winter!  We may have had half your crew here!  Gary thawing a random pipe that decided to freeze, Paul discovering the problem with our water heater that never worked quite right, Ron driving up our steep road because we let ourselves run out of oil during a big snowstorm (early on a Saturday morning!).  We felt really bad about that, but everyone was so nice, including the person from your answering service, and the person who put us back on "automatic delivery."   Your office staff has always been friendly and service oriented.  You're definietely doing something right to have all points of contact be so professional!  Thanks for getting our family throught the weekend." - BettyAnn & David G.

"I want to thank you for taking your time to call me and discuss my problem at our cottage.  I appreciated you looking my situation over and taking care of the problems.  You went over and above for great customer service.  Thank you so very much.  You put my mind at ease." - Leslie V. 

"Thank you to everyone at your company who were involved in our furnace project.  The two men who worked at our hourse (we never got their names) did a wonderful job.  They worked very efficiently together, and were so quiet.  They were also very patient with our questions.  Thanks again to all, we're very grateful." - David & Evelyn

What our customers are saying ...

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