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We recognize that some of our customers prefer a more “hands-on” approach to controlling their winter heating costs. To help you do this, we offer a trio of payment plans: our Pre-buy Plan, our Cap Plan, and our Budget Plan. By offering these options, we hope to provide you with choices which work best for your particular budgetary needs. 



The goal of the Budget Plan is to help level out your payments throughout the year. Based on your recent fuel consumption pattern, we will determine a monthly payment for you. (This figure will be an estimate based on past usage and anticipated future pricing). The Budget Plan begins in July and ends with your April payment. By spreading out your payments over 10 months, you can build up a little credit early on to carry you through the harsh winter months. If, during the heating season, we see that your usage does not match up with your monthly budget payment (either too high or too low), we will contact you to readjust your plan. 


This plan allows you to purchase your heating fuel in advance for the coming season.  The advantage of this plan is that you will know your heating costs for the season in advance, and you are locked in at a set price should market prices rise. The disadvantage of this program is that you will have already purchased the product at a set price, and retail prices could fall below the price you have already paid. We begin offering this plan in mid-to-late June, and the Pre-buy plan is in effect from the time you sign-up through June 30th of the following year. Payment in full is due at the time of sign up.  A quick call or email to our office is all it takes to find out what our current Pre-Buy price is.


This plan is a guarantee that you will not pay more than a set price for your heating product (you will be "capped" at a certain price). If retail prices fall below the Cap price, you will pay the lesser price; if they go above the Cap price, you will only pay the Cap price. You decide how many gallons you wish to purchase price protection for. Basically, you are buying price protection "insurance", insuring yourself that you will not pay above a set price should the retail market rise.

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